Garland County Assessor Shannon Sharp and Staff Contact Information

Real Estate and Personal Property

Title Name Phone Email
Assessor Shannon Sharp 501-622-3732
Chief Deputy Assessor Paula Moody 501-622-3741

Real Estate

Title Name Phone Email
Appraiser Manager Marlena Newton 501-622-3740
Appraiser Kenny Fryar 501-622-3730
CAMA Systems Manager Tamara Orosco 501-622-3740
CAMA Systems Manager Stacy Meyers 501-622-3740
Amendment 79 Administrator Sandra Gage 501-622-3730
Amendment 79 Administrator Michelle Kennedy 501-622-3730


Title Name Phone Email
Supervisor Jennifer Ryals 501-622-3434
GIS Coordinator Janet Phelps 501-622-3735
Abstractor/Mapper Jessica Rowton 501-622-3733
Abstractor/Mapper Elizabeth Rhodes 501-622-3733

Personal Property and Commercial Personal Property

Title Name Phone Email
Supervisor Jackie Ramirez 501-622-3737
Commercial personal
​Property Appraiser
Karen Campbell 501-622-3606
Commercial Personal
​Property Appraiser
Randi Dill 501-622-3606
Frontline Supervisor Stephanie Martinez 501-622-3730
Deputy Assessor Shanna Alexander 501-622-3730
Deputy Assessor Debbie Clem 501-622-3730
Deputy Assessor Shirley Kirk 501-622-3730