Senior Care

Older Man and Woman

Senior Care and Safety Check is a telephone reassurance program.

How it Works

You or a loved one simply fills out a registration form containing information about you, when you would like to be called, loved ones or neighbors that you would want to respond if an emergency existed (preferably someone with a key to your residence) and if you have pets.

Persons registered in the system are called once a day at, or near, the time that you request. When you answer the phone, a computerized message from the Sheriff will be played asking if you are OK or need assistance and asking that you press a corresponding number on your phones keypad to respond with your answer.

If you respond that everything is OK, no further action is taken. If you indicate that you need assistance, the system is put into action. Several things happen simultaneously at this point.

  • Your 1st Contact Person is notified that you need assistance and to respond.
  • Your 2nd Contact Person is notified (if #1 was unavailable).
  • Our Dispatchers are notified by phone, email and printout of the situation and will take action based on whether or not a contact person was available to respond.
  • Deputies and / or emergency medical assistance will be dispatched based on the answers that we receive.

With multiple phone lines and digital technology, this all takes place within seconds!


To get yourself, or a loved one, enrolled in this free service simply Register, fill it in (completely) and submit. We will contact you prior to activating you in the system.


If you have any questions about Senior Care Safety Check, please contact Captain Shelby Terry at 501-622-3673 or email.