County Codes, Resolutions & Ordinances

Garland County Codes

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A.C.A. § 14-14-904 provides that all legislative affairs of a quorum court shall be conducted through the passage of ordinances, resolutions, or motions. All legislative actions of a quorum court, excluding the adoption of a motion, shall require a majority vote of the whole number of justices composing a quorum court unless otherwise provided by the  Arkansas Constitution or by law.  A  motion shall require a  majority vote of the whole number of justices composing a quorum for passage. 

 County Ordinance

 A county ordinance is defined as an enactment of compulsory law for a quorum court that defines and establishes the permanent or temporary organization and system of principles of a county government for the control and conduct of county affairs. Ordinances may be amended and repealed only by ordinances. All ordinances are subject to initiative and referendum as provided for through Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 7.

County Resolution

 A county resolution is defined as the adoption of a formal statement of policy by a  quorum court,  the subject matter of which would not properly constitute an ordinance.  A resolution may be used whenever the quorum court wishes merely to express an opinion as to some matter of county affairs, and a resolution shall not serve to compel any executive action. Resolutions may be amended and repealed only by resolutions.