House-to-House Solid Waste Pick-up Service

Garland County Department of Environmental Services (GCDES) picks up general household trash once a week from the residences in Garland County, outside the city limits of Hot Springs, Mountain Pine, and Hot Springs Village. To register for new services or to make changes to your existing account, please refer to the forms listed below. 

Trash Pick-Up

GCDES provides the 95-gallon trash cart. All trash must be bagged or boxed and must fit into the cart. Any trash outside the cart will not be picked up. You can request to have more than one trash cart. The additional charges must be authorized in writing using the form below called the Additional Cart Authorization. GCDES will also repair or replace the trash cart as needed if you notify our office. Charges may apply if the cart is damaged due to customer negligence.


New Customer Letter   This contains basic information about your weekly services and billing

  • Additional Cart Form: Complete and submit this form if you would like an additional trash cart (s). There will be additional charges for each additional trash cart. Must keep cart for at least one quarter, (three months)
  • Automatic Bank Draft Form: Complete and submit this form if you would like us to set up an automatic payment from your bank account. Frequency options are monthly, quarterly, and annually. We go direct thru checking accounts. We are not able to set up recurring payments on debit/credit cards.
  • Cancelling Trash: Submit this form when you need to close an account and end charges on a residence.
  • Contract Sale Form: This is to be submitted anytime we bill the person purchasing the home under contract from legal owner of the property. This includes, but is not limited to, Lease-to-Own and Owner Finance situations.
  • Landlord Notification Form: The Landlord and Tenant must complete this form and submit to our office in order for us to bill someone who does not own the home, regardless of relationship to owner or financial arrangements between Landlord and Tenant.
  • Owner Services Form Submit this form if you own the home and want to be billed for the services, regardless of the actual occupant of the home.


  • Ordinance 0-02-48 (PDF): All livable residences, whether continually or intermittently occupied, are required to subscribe to the service.
  • Ordinance O-05-8 (PDF): Landlords are given the option to pay for the solid waste service or to transfer responsibility of payment to the occupant of the home.
  • Ordinance O-15-70 (PDF): Delinquent solid waste fees must be paid prior to Personal and Real Estate Taxes.
  • Rules and Regulations (PDF): Full list of all rules for residential solid waste collection by GCDES as amended 2014.