District 12

Darryl Mahoney, Justice of the Peace

  • Born in Hot Springs, raised in Cutter Morning Star area
  • Attends Glazier Peau Baptist church, among others
  • Chairperson of Environmental Services/Public Works and Buildings
  • Serves on the Garland County Finance Committee
  • Semi-retired; active President of MALO Properties and BAM Management
  • Working for economic growth and development
  • Loves the outdoors, God, America, riding motorcycles and ATV's, restoring old muscle cars and motorcycles

About District 12

District 12 is resilient. Parts of Hot Springs Village, Fountain Lake, Mountain Valley and Mountain Pine, suffered devastating losses in a tornado in 2011. Although there have been huge losses, physically and economically, District 12 has never given up. The communities have rebuilt homes, businesses, and lives to be better than before. Economic development is moving forward with projects, not only along the Highway 7 corridor, but also in the town of Mountain Pine.

District 12 residents, whom I represent, are committed to community growth and strength through unity.