Nuisance Property

Nuisance Property Program:

The Nuisance Property program is designed to enforce and regulate violations for any property that is unsanitary and unsightly conditions or unsafe conditions within Garland County. Arkansas Code Annotated 14-14-813 authorizes counties to regulate unsightly and unsanitary conditions on property and order property owners to remove unsightly and unsanitary conditions on property within the county. Further, this Ordinance is authorized pursuant to the principles of the police power to regulate the health, safety, and welfare of the community conferred by Amendment 10, United States Constitution.  

Properties are evaluated to determine whether they present a safety, health, or environmental threat to residents or communities within the County. If the property fits the criteria of the Nuisance Property Ordinance, procedures to bring the property into compliance are ensued. Garland County Nuisance Property Ordinance #0-17-34

We appreciate any information that the public may offer. If you see anything that may meet the criteria, please don’t hesitate to call or fill out our online form and email to 

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